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is not a perfect man. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, the next round in the tax cut fight. top democrats now say they'll put off a vote until after the election. mideast peace talks at a crossroads as israel's moratorium on west bank settlement construction expires tonight. and making whoopie, just how did this delicacy of cake layers and filling get its name? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. the public pressure has been building for days as four young men filed lawsuits charging sexual abuse by georgia pastor eddie long. this morning bishop long faced his mega church, his congregation and addressed the charges, vowing to fight them even as he did not unequivocally deny them. mark strassmann was there. >> glory, glory, glory, glory, glory hallelujah. >> reporter: for these georgia faithful, sunday services hit close to their spiritual home, allegations of sinful sexual conduct against their own pastor, bishop eddie long. >> i'm under attack. >> attacked by four young men from his ministry. long adopted them in their tee
not spies and to that their imprisonment was a huge misunderstanding. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, which way for the gop. in the wake of christine o'donnell's upset delaware win w differing views about the republican party's direction. sudden death among high school athletes, what's behind them and how can they be prevented. and canine cops, meet the latest recruits in the war on terror. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. we begin this sunday with a safe return of american hiker sarah shourd and what it might mean for the two other hikers still held by iran. shourd made a public plea on their behalf after arriving in the u.s. today and iranian president ahmadinejad weighed in seeming to hint as a possible deal. bianca solorzano has the latest. >> reporter: after nearly 14 months in captiveity in iran sarah shourd was finally back in the u.s. today. carefully maintaining her compose sure in expressing bittersweet emotions. >> this is not the time to celebrate. my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and jo
>> mitchell: tonight, as the death toll in the california gas line blast rises, survivors wonder whether it's safe for anyone to go back. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, in the spotlight, new york's controversial imam makes the case for not moving the planned islamic center further from ground zero. room for compromise? the top house republican says he may be willing to support a tax cut extension that does not include cuts for the wealthy. and wonder woman. she has won more tennis championships than any other player alive, but you've probably never heard her name. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. we begin tonight with the latest on the aftermath of that gas line explosion in san bruno, california. here's a look at the neighborhood before and after thursday evening's deadly blast. tonight at least four people are confirmed dead and five others are missing, and there are growing questions about what the utility knew of the danger. john blackstone is in san bruno tonight. john, king. >> king, russ. good n
>> mitchell: tonight an important clue to the cause of the gulf oil spill comes to the surface. what the failed blowout preventer might tell us. >> i'm russ mitchell. also tonight the battle for congress. can democrats do anything to prevent republicans from gaining control of the house and senate? congress is investigating colleges that are run for profit. we'll tell you why. and traffic buster. china's plan to bypass traffic jams that might work in america. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. it took almost 30 hours but a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill is now out of the ocean and on its way to be examined. the blowout preventer, a massive piece of machinery that failed to stop the gusher could hold major clues to preventing future oil spills. tony guida now with more on the device and the investigation. >> reporter: rising slowly from the floor of the gulf of mexico, a one-million pound hunk of yellow metal once attached to an oil well in the gulf. the blowout preventer that did not live up
. >> let's talk for a minute about george mitchell who now is the special envoy for the middle east and previously was a successful special envoy in northern ireland and succeeded in, ah, ushering in a new era, really, ah, between the factions, among the factions in northern ireland. ah, what is it about george mitchell that, does he have some special magic, ah, some special characteristics that people think, ah-ha, he solved northern ireland, he can solve the middle east? charlie? >> well, i think there's, he first of all, is a consummate diplomat. ah, he is discrete... >> wait a minute. he was a u.s. senator. senators aren't diplomats. >> i think diplomatic skills perhaps go, ah, cover a wider range of the, of human relations than simply diplomacy. ah, senator mitchell spent a lifetime negotiating things, making things happen and was very good at it and certainly in the, um, in the senate, ah, was someone who, ah, had to maintain good relations with everyone. i think he was, was an excellent choice. >> and that's, i guess i just want to get at this question, and you raised it well
>> mitchell: tonight, it's all about jobs this labor day. president obama wants $50 billion to rebuild roads, rails and runways, but will his plan fly? i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, a new hurricane watch. as the texas/mexico border braces for a growing storm. sex for sale. the web site craigslist shuts down its adult services section but those adds just won't go away. and surf's up. they don't only hit the waves for fun, it's to kee them alive. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> mitchell: good evening. katie is off tonight. eight weeks from tomorrow, americans will vote in the congressional midterm elections. the state of the economy first and foremost on their minds. and with polls showing his party struggling, president obama went on the road this labor day, beginning a new push to retake control of the economic debate. he proposed spending $50 billion to improve the nation's infrastructure and create new jobs. he also called on congress to approve new tax credits for small busin
thing he had to offer in the campaign of 2008, and that's hope. russ? >> mitchell: bill plante at the white house. thank you very much. jeff greenfield is our senior political correspondent. will these plans change the election day? >> highly dubious. i think it's baked in the cake and it's high unemployment, anemic growth, debt and that's not good news for the party in power. whatever the merits of the long-term investments, the idea of changing people's minds about what conditions exist now is a tough sell. remember, unhappy and skeptical voters are less likely to believe in good intentions than voters who are happier. so it's a really tough road for the president. >> mitchell: we keep hearing about a firewall strategy the democrats are going to employ the november. what does that mean and do you think it will work? >> firewall is a fancy word for let's throw the folks over the side we know can't win and save the money and resources we have for competitive races and also let's look at races where the republicans may have nominated more tea party type candidates who may have l
of the matter. u.s. middle east envoy's george -- middle east envoy george mitchell's assessment of talks between israel and palestinians. the pope has described the uk as a third-world country. welcome to "bbc world news" -- broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also of around the globe. coming up later for you, against a backdrop of st. protests, france's lower house passes the bill which raises the retirement age from 60 to 62, and hope for track and chile's miners. -- trapped miners. a new arrival lists some of the gloom -- lifts some of the gloom. hello to you. millions of people across central and western africa are going hungry. yes, the numbers are in the millions. the worst of the country is even larger than the states of california and texas together, but with a population of just 15 million. delta been flooding of ruined crops, and some help has arrived, but it has not been enough. we have this special report. >> according to the united nations, development terms, it is the world's poorest nation. for the past year, the united nations has been appealing to the internation
of the matter. u.s. middle east envoy george mitchell's assessment of the talks between israelis and palestinians. a senior vatican official describes the uk as a third world country. he has pulled out of the pope's statement. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america, also run the globe. coming up later, outside, the streets ring with protests. inside, france's lower house passes the bill which will raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, and serving therapy. can riding a wave help you call for mental health problems? public service is putting in health care money to find out. hello to you. millions -- yes, millions -- of people are going hungry at this moment across central and western africa. the worst affected country is niger, a country even larger than the united states of california and texas together, but with a population of just 15 million. the drought's amid flooding of ruined crops. help has not been enough. we go to niger for this special report. >> according to the united nations, in development terms, niger is the world's poorest nation. for the past year, the unite
candidate john edwards. good afternoon, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie live in washington. andrea mitchell is on assignment in iran, where she had the rare opportunity to sit down one-on-one with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> savannah, as you know, iran's president will be heading to new york for the u.n. general assembly next week. but when i asked him about growing support for sanctions against iran, and criticism of his nuclear program, he showed no sign of compromise. why is iran not letting the experienced inspectors who know this weapons area so well, why is iran not letting these inspectors in? >> translator: if the iaea does everything according to the law, if they are going to go beyond the law, it is not acceptable to us. i am going to ask a question to you. we were one of the allies of the united states or the west. would we be treated the same way by the agency? >> the iaea -- >> translator: the iaea, yes. >> the iaea treats -- >> translator: please, please, let me finish. the iaea visit or inspect nuclear facilities or provide any report from those in france or the
andrea mitchell was granted an interview inside the presidential palace in tehran wednesday with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. they talked about the fate of the american hikers held in iran, ahmadinejad wanted people to know that sarah shourd had been released on compassionate grounds. but when it came to tough questions on whether the two other american hikers still in jail and yesterday's international criticism of iraq's nuclear program, ahmadinejad remained defiant. be sure to watch andrea mitchell's one-on-one later this morning on "today." here is your first look at some of the other news going on around america today. texas police released dash cam video of an alleged beating of a motorcyclist pursued after he allegedly drove down a sidewalk. officers approached the man and deliver several blows. of the 22 officers involved in the case, one has been fired and along with two others faces possible felony charges. three are on restricted duty for the duration of the investigation. >>> and in michigan police are looking for a suspect they say is one of the world's dumbest cri
middle east envoy, senator george mitchell, said talks so far have been constructed. he said talks -- sides agreed to meet again in two weeks and that they would work towards reaching a framework agreement first. the bbc's middle east editor is in washington. >> the two sides' motorcades brought them into the state department in washington for the latest installment in what has turned into a 20-year middle eastern saga of lost hope. not surprising, then, that in a public part of the meeting they were all careful to say that negotiations were just supposed to bring peace inside the year and would not be easy. the americans will be with them inside the room or hovering outside. >> i fervently believe that the two men sitting on either side of me -- that you are the leaders who can make this long, cherished dream a reality. we will do everything possible to help you. >> prime minister netanyahu said that president abbas had to recognize israel as the jewish homeland. the middle east, he said, was changing, and so were the security guarantees israel would need. >> we have had the rise
mitchell is in the area on an emergency trip aimed at rescuing peace ever since. a move prompted the latest concerns about a potential peace deals. also a conversation with james elmore. he is out with the new memoir. we are glad to have joined us. join us for a ethan bronner air and james l. roy, coming up. >> all i know is his name is james, and he needs extra help with his reading. >> i am james. >> yes. >> to everyone making a difference, you help us all live better. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance, working to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >> ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: u.s. special envoy george mitchell is on an emergency mission to rescue the latest efforts for peace in the region. i am joined from jerusalem by ethan bronner. thanks for your time, a bit too heavy on the program tonight, sir pitt >> is a pleasure to be here. tavis: let me start
probation hearing. we'll be in with that tomorrow. andrea mitchell reports next. >>> brian kirk of portland, oregon is the founder of location vacations. he gives it vacationers a two-to-three-day crash course to test drive a different career. it's an intensive learning experience for prospective entrepreneurs. for more, watch on msnbc. i want to give my 5 employees health insurance, but i just can't afford it. i have diabetes. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law. coswitching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could sav
hot trouble. that story is next. ?w?wóç >>> mill which mitchell is facing new legal trouble tonight. a judge has ordered mitchell to stand trial. if convicted on assault and battery charges, the exballplayer could spend four years in prison. mitchell was selected as the most valuable player in the national league in 2004. >>> the raiders were supposed to be on our station on sunday, but for the first time in seven years the raiders homeowner did not sell out 72 hours before kick off. so the tv broadcast between the rams and raiders will be blacked out locally. raider fans are used to not seeing their team on television. last year just one of eight home days was sold out. >>> former raidsers coach jimmy ray is now the offensive coordinator. jimmy is feeling the the heat. 49ers had to call time out or kick a delay of game penalty because the plays were late in getting the quarterback alex smith. several reasons were given for that miscommunication. bottom line is cost them points on two key drives in the red zone. the recent yahoo sports report says that someone inside the organizatio
countries in the world. it is a story you have to see to believe. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in new york today. the pastor of a tiny church in florida could be in sighting a holy war against the islamic world if he sticks to his plan to burn korans on 9/11. >> i am definitely a radical but not in that sense. i am not promoting the changing of the constitution. i am not promoting the killing of çpeople. i am radical in the sense that i believe the bible to be the word of god. i believe jesus christ is the only way to salvation, to forgiveness. >> a short time ago a 9/11 families group issued a statement calling jones' plan unacceptable and, quote, abhorrent" and an as a result to victims of 9/11 and the many brave individuals who have risen in the defense of our nation. rachel maddow joining us. the emotion behind this and foreign policy issues are enormous. we've had hillary clinton and this from general petraeus. let's watch. >> we're concerned that the images from the burning of a koran would be used in the same way extremists used images from abu ghraib. they would, in a
and palestinian people. >> good day. i am andrea mitchell live from the state department with the leaders of israel. they are committed to make cone sessions for peace. first, we begin with breaking news from the gulf. another explosion, this time on an oil platform more than 80 miles south of vermilion bay. all 13 crew members working on that platform are accounted for. they're being cupulled out of gf waters. anne thompson is live in venice, louisiana. tell us how this could happen. what do you know of this new accident? >> reporter: what we do know is there was a fire on the oil platform. there was a helicopter flying over the platform this morning. this oil platform is working in about 2,500 feet of water. 13 people were on the platform. all 13 have been accounted for. there are reports that one person has been injured hospital terrabone parish medical center is on standby receive that person once the coast guard picks his or her out of the water. the owner of the platform tells cnbc they have seen no evidence of an oil sheen around the platform or a leak. robert gibbs said this platf
mitchell live in washington. president obama hammers republicans telling voters that the gop will bring back bush era policies that led to the economic crisis in his view if they win back control of congress this fall. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd, host of the daily rundown, was in the front row. chuck, did he accomplish what they were trying to do, which is turn the page, revamp the economic message, and put the republicans john boehner and company on the defensive. >> well, look, i think they were trying to amplify the men of the week. this is one of those classic press conferences that went on over an hour. the term wide ranging is going to be used a lot. >> how about long-winded. >> we had a ton of topics, the first focused on the economy, one or two on the pastor, and more on the growing phobia with islam around the country. i would say he was most passionate at the end when he made a case for the right and religious freedom and for the rights of muslim americans to have the same rights as everyone else in the country. the passion he showed there was probably
, lining up at receiver. under center, former college quarterback mitchell. mitchell takes the snap and goes 17 yards for a big gain. but the insult to injury happened late in the fourth quarter. skins up 43-3. carrie conklin is quarterback and coach gibbs calls for a pass. especially when art reels it in from 10 yards out. the result, a 41-3 thumping. and afterwards the bugle bitterness ensued. >> before i say anything else about it, you have to ask joe about that. you know what i mean? that left a bad taste in my mouth. that's quite all right. >> i really probably shouldn't have thrown that last time. i wanted to get a couple throws to get him in there. he's worked hard all this time. i just felt like today is a good time to get it in. >> got our butts kicked. go home. four games to go. four-game schedule. not much he can say. >> the next day, sitting down with george michael, coach gibbs admitted he goofed. >> we had a run called at third and five and got penalized. if i had to do it over again, you make mistakes sometimes. >> but if you had to do it over again you would still li
mitchell has the latest from jerusalem. >> as jack teitel entered the courtroom, he claimed ed israel's legal system had no authority over him. >> title is accused of planting a bombat ami ortiz's family because they are messianic jews. teitel faces a number of cases, including death of 2 arabs and atteted murder of a liberal professor. the ortiz musway until december r a decision. >> they are going to decide within 1 hearing whether he can be deemed mentally responsible for what he did in the past and stand trial now. >> since the 2008 bombing, his pares have experienced a great or deal. >> we feel at peace because god is in control. when we are at home with our family, we continue praying for him. we continue praying for him. with all of these things taking place god will visit him. >> his mother says his progress has defied the doctor's prognosiand exceeded expectations. >> they told us he is never going to run againand jump as high as he did in bketball. he runs faster than anybody and jumps really hig i believe e lord is going to restore him completely. >> he is a wonder in my ow
is a national sport. when former pros came to visit, it attracted lots of attention. chris mitchell has more. >> reporter: former nba players, college stars and harlem globe trotters gave up their height advantage to play israeli veterans in wheelchair basketball. game was one stop on their good willtour sponsoreby sports power inrnational. >> our person is for christian nba players to show supportof the jewish people in israel. we are their one loyal friends, we believe what the bible says, that they are god's chosen people. >> it wasn't offi easy for the nba players to control their wheelchair but the game was good fun for both ses. >> we were gointo play with them you can see them all over the world. >> israeli children will watch their favorite team. having these evangelil christians come here and interact withthe people and do the sports camps and work with the disabled veteran association is wonderful. new in some of the americans like dwight howard senior this was a profound experience. >> this is one of the most exciting events i have had in my life. to be here representing the usa a
must play. from the top-ranked nation of education, the director general. i'm andrea mitchell live in new york. we will track all of the information on former president jimmy carter's condition when we get it. president obama is trying to fire up the base. the democratic base in wisconsin. a new rolling stone interview details frustration towards democrats. they are sitting on the political sidelines. in the the side said bringing about change is hard. that's what i said in the campaign. it has been hard and we have lumps to show for it. if people want to take their ball and go home, folks weren't serious in the first place. vice president biden echoed that message on the last word with lawrence o'donnell last night. >> there is some on the democratic base, not the core that are angry because we didn't get every single thing they want. it's time to buck up here and understand that we can make things better. continue to move forward. >> well, father and son with us now. delaware attorney beau biden. thanks for joining us. general, let's talk about the democratic base and the preside
] [general chatter] >> in a few moments, a briefing by special envoy george mitchell. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 eastern. >> our coverage of campaign 2010 continue tonight with a look at races around the country and three debates. first, a look at house, senate, and governor races with charlie cook at 8:00 p.m. eastern. at 9:00, a debate between the senate candidates in california. barbara boxer and republican challenger carly feel reno. --fiorina. after that, the gubernatorial race in arizona. that is at 10:00 eastern. at 11:00 p.m. eastern, a debate between the candidates for governor in nevada. >> there is nothing about finance that is rocket science. this is probably the most frustrating thing for me about how you think about ponzi schemes -- the biggest ponzi scheme for wall street is telling someone who has worked really hard to earn a buck that they are not smart enough to understand how that book will be invested. >> in 2007, analyst meredith whitney was the first to predict major losses for citigroup. she is our guest sunday night on cspan's "q &a." >> tonight, book-tv
. they were torn by hillary clinton and george mitchell. the event took place this morning before the start of multilateral talks. >> good morning. i want to thank all of you for joining us today. as we launch negotiations -- [inaudible] i know the decision to sit at this table was not easy. we understand the suspicion and skepticism that so many feel, borne out of years of conflict and frustrated hope, that tragic act of terror on tuesday, and the terrorist shooting yesterday are yet additional reminders of the human cost of this conflict. but by being here today, you each have taken an important step toward freeing your people from the shackles of a history we cannot change. also, moving toward a future of peace and did it -- and dignity that only you can create. says thank you. thank you for your courage and your commitment. i also want to recognize the support of each -- of egypt and jordan, which have long been crucial partners for peace. and we appreciate the support of the arab league for the vision of a comprehensive peace embodied in these talks. i also wish to thank former prime m
by the generations of those who have gone before. later today we also expect to hear from george mitchell, the president's middle east envoy. he will give an update. we will have it live on c-span. we also expect the peace talks to be the topic of today's white house briefing. robert gibbs has scheduled at 4 noon eastern. we will have that live as well. >> and a looked again, live at the state department as we await secretary of state hillary clinton. the resumption of middle east peace talks here in washington, d.c. president obama met with palestinian authority that bad and benjamin netanyahu yesterday along with leaders of both jordan and egypt. later today we will hear from the middle east envoy george mitchell, and even more at the white house briefing. on c-span2 are not, the second and final day of the financial crisis inquiry commission hearings. chairman of the fed ben bernanke is testifying now. it is live on c-span2. you may have seen flashbulbs popping. we expect this to begin shortly. >> you just saw the israeli delegation now into the room, and here is secretary clinton and
for andrea mitchell. and 56 days to go until election day and a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows republicans in a very healthy position for big congressional wins, unless democrats can energize the base. and of course, the major sticking point, the economy. let's get right to democratic pollster, peter hart, who helped conduct the poll for nbc and "the wall street journal." peter, god to the see you. let's first start about the mood of this country, on the wrong track now. 61% of americans concerned about where this country is heading. that is worse than the past two cycles when, of course, party controlled change in congress. what does that tell us? >> people are bleak. it's dark, and they're negative. and what it tells us more than anything else is there isn't confidence at this moment about where things stand. and people look ahead and they feel uncertain. they're uncertain about the economy. they're uncertain about where america's place is in the world. both of those things are hard if you're a democrat. it's hard if you're an incumbent. >> and peter, there is also this lack
will have a readout for you by george mitchell. >> where will they make their remarks? >> i believe on the eighth floor in the ben franklin room. that will be open for media coverage. >> will there be a big table in there? someplace where they might sit and talk, or will all but talking be done elsewhere? >> this was part of the subject of the walk-through. i think that they will be at a table. again, i have not been fully briefed on the specific arrangements. >> do know if it is rounder square? >> i cannot describe the table. i would anticipate that the delegation would be here as a rough guess for roughly three hours, it could be longer. we do not have the day entirely scripted. but i would anticipate that george mitchell will brief you sometime in the early to mid- afternoon. and because we do expect have a very significant meeting contingents here tomorrow, we will move this briefing to the dean acheson. of course. >> this is the secretary's first foray to bring the two sides together. as she reached out to predecessors who have tried to do this in the past? >> she has had the o
. >>> in an nbc news exclusive, chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell was granted an interview inside the presidential palace in tehran wednesday with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. they talked about the fate of the american hikers held in iran. ahmadinejad wanted people to know that sarah shourd had been released on passionate grounds. but when it came to information on the other hiker hes held in jail, ahmadinejad remained defiant. be sure to watch andrea mitchell one-on-one later this morning on "today." >>> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. >> texas police released dash cam of an alleged beating of a motorcyclist who was pursued after he allegedly rode down a sidewalk. officers approach the man and deliver several blows. one of the 22 officers involved in the case, one has been fired and along with two others faces possible felony charges. three are on restricted duty for the duation of the investigation. >>> in michigan, police are looking for a suspect they say is the world's dumbest criminal. the man walks into a convenience s
surly return as agent zero becomes agent nine. >>> plus, why brian mitchell says mike shanahan is lying. the comments of both men nine sports is next. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >>> it has been nine months since we heard in arenas. he has gone underground. he broke he silence today but if you were expecting a contrite arenas looking to win back fans, guess again. a notably stoic arenas appeared today wearing a scruffy beard, a number nine on his uniform and no smile at anytime. he did not address the gun incident and his answers to the benign questions we reporters were asking were curt and surly. >> the only place i want to smile is o
with their peoples. >> that accords to george mitchell. summing up a day of egyptian talks. >> shaman sheik or endless peace talks. with the tourists oblivious to the talks, hillary clinton was there in person to persuade and cajole as the united states fights to keep up the momentum. she's eager to talk up the propects and the american piece. george mitchell shared his thoughts. >> we share our goal of a just, lasting and secure peace. >> the sticking point is the issue of settlements. the palestinians are ready to walk away from the talks. israely netanyahu has been pressed to not give up ground. although he says there's progress >> the parties did sit together for 2 long sessions and return to jerusalem. no big announcements and the best anyone is claiming is that they're continuing. there will be many more long days of negotiations in this process is to bear fruit. >> john, "bbc world news," egypt. >> around 2 half thousand people were told to leave the eiffel tower. the city was also evacuted after a second call. >> i breech of press freedom laws. he accuses the presidency to track
1100 calles from worried families. >>> in an nbc news schusive, andrea mitchell was granted an interview inside the iranian presidential palace wednesday. they talked about the fate of the american hikers held in iran. ahmadinejad wanted people to know that sarah had been released on passionate grounds. but en it came to infoation on thether hiker hes held in jail, ahmadinejad remained defiant. be sure to watch andrea mitchell later on this morning on "today." >> now here's a look at other stories making ns early today in america. >> texas police releas dash cam of a man who was beat down after being run down on a sidewalk. one of the 22 officers involved in the case, one has been fired and along with two others faces possible felony charges. three are on restricted due for the duration of the inveigation. >>> police in michigan are looking for a suspect they say is the world's dumbest criminal. e man walks into a convenience store and while on camera dawns a darth vader mask. he's now in hot pursuit of the police force. >>> oregon firefighters were called in for an unusual
on a career. president obama's middle east envoy george mitchell has held critical talks with mahmoud abbas to try to keep at the agreement with israel from collapsing. benjamin netanyahu meese to extend his partial freeze on settlement building. he has been to the west bank settlement. >> israel never froze settlements in occupied east jerusalem. this has gone on since march. construction can begin in the west bank. when israel captured the land in 1967, building settlements was about creating a new reality. the idea was that if issues were settled on the land, it would become politically impossible to return it to arab control. more than 40 years on, it is looking like a pretty successful strategy. history is against the american envoy, george mitchell. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is deeply unhappy about israel not extending the partial settlement freeze. he is threatening to pull out. >> we are determined to continue. we are continuing our efforts to find common ground. >> on the way to his olive groves, a palestinian farmer said there would be nothing left to talk about if i
in the beating death of 66-year-old as i seelya mitchell. she dueled report she had attacked her aunt but did not know why. when police arrived they say they found simmons in the dining room with blood on her and mitchell lying in the living room. >> it appears the victim was struck repeatedly with the club device usually used to secure automobile steering wheels. >> simmons is being held without bail. >> the doctor who was injured last week when a gunman opened fire is doing well. dr. kohn is doing well after being shot in the abdomen when paul got upset about what dr. cohen was telling him about the condition of his mother. he shot cohen then his mother then himself. >> 23-year-old brent rosinburg was struck by a car while crossing the pacific coast highway in california. he graduated from gillman in 2005. he moved to california two months ago for a job in fine nance. rosinburg stopped in the median of the highway but was hit as he stepped out further into traffic. he played soccer and lacrosse and graduated at wake forest university. >> in project economy, the recession is declared over, s
. thanks so much. >> thank you. >>> the new york mayor, cory booker will be with andrea mitchell live on monday at the plaza as part of the education nation week. and msnbc and the networks of nbc universal are focusing intensively on this question -- how do we improve america's classrooms? so education nation is going to kick off this sunday, noon eastern. brian williams is going to be hosting a town hall with teachers. sunday night, joe scarborough and mika will host a town hall on the ground breaking documentary "waiting for superman," on monday, president obama sits down with matt lauer with a live one-on-one interview that will air uninterrupted for an entire half hour. that's starting at 8:00 eastern on nbc and msnbc. >>> and, of course, join andrea mitchell live on the plaza in new york. they're going to include education secretary arnie duncan, randy wynne guarden and the mayor of boston and two journalists featured in "waiting for superman," jonathan alter and jay matthews. that's next monday, september 27th only here on msnbc. >>> now to politics -- because fresh off of a tr
in an interview with andrea mitchell yesterday. he also said his country is justified in barring further visits by u.n. atomic inspectors. >> translator: under the pressures of the united states and the allies and the expressed political views, this is not a technical approach, and legal approach towards the question. and it is part of the hostility of the united states against our people. >> ahmadinejad due in new york at the u.n. for his annual visit next week. >>> still ahead on "way too early" live from washington, derek jeter, a man of unimpeachable character, pulls a fast one in the yankees crucial series for the rays. we'll show you how his acting job influenced the playoff race in major league baseball. yes, he fessed up to it afterwards. >>> and christine o'donnell on the nazis. a clip from her past comes back to haunt the most talked about politician in the country right now. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the
mitchell has the latest. >>> battle royal, voters head to the polls in seven states and washington, d.c., a key final test for both parties weeks before the crucial midterm election. >>> and the probe of a female sports reporter allegedly subjected to cat calls from the new york jets. now an investigation is under way. that reporter is sharing her side of the story with us in a live interview, today, tuesday, side of the story with us in a live interview, today, tuesday, september 14, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television matt this morning. p the attempt the attempt t of sarof sarahp of sarah s br but thbut thep bubur saidandrp plive in teheranp > > invnop not from excitement, he actunop not from excitement, he actuall p nursnurse watchingp r exclusively. oing tr gg intense r y ttway to y to frewa correspondents. and ria, good morning. the shourd family trying to win her release. trying to get the bail, $500,000. they're waiting to see but there are some signals that she could be released at any time. they're hoping for that to happen. >> the discussions about this poten
unt. police say 33-year-old delana simmons killed mitchell fridaa at a home. police say she beat mitchell up with a club. the device used to lock and simmons called 911 and said she hurt her aunt. >> uutil police arrived the aunt was suffering from traumatic head wounds. p transported by med-acts to the injuries. charges, including first-degree murder. >> new tonight. baltimooe grand jury indicts a man on murder and hateecrime charres. germane holly is accused in the beating death of martin reyes. holly told police hh hhtes hispanics, after his arrest last month. police alsoosay holly is3 mentally unstable.ú >> first on fox tonight. a woman that was near the gunman at johns hopkins hospital last week sharessher story of survival. kathleen cairns r the vvsitor credits a higher for your all the help. >> when a guuman fired shoos on the eighth floor of johns hopkins hospital, deb mckeever was ddwn the hall. >> llud noise. door. >> she was with her mother-in-law, a patient. along with two therapists and a nurse. %-crrcked the door open.t, and then he shut the door and saiddthere is
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